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I thought I was doing a pretty good job."In 2006, the SEC accused Apple of backdating — the act of dating a grant of an employee stock option prior to the date that the company actually granted the stock option — to under-report its expenses by million.

The SEC alleged Apple shifted those dates to sweeten executive packages for Jobs, then-CFO Fred Anderson and former general counsel Nancy Heinen.

In his three-hour interview with the Securities and Exchange Commission, Jobs claimed he was ignorant of the backdating and accounting consequences, adding that he was pressured to ask for a generous stock-options package because his board was not supportive of him."Everybody likes to be recognized by his peers," Jobs told an SEC lawyer, according to the Forbes report.

"I felt that the board wasn't really doing the same with me....

The latest revelation is likely to add to questions about Apple’s disclosures about its internal investigation into the backdating issue. Jobs over the matter, saying that while he had been “aware” of the backdating “in a few instances,” he “did not receive or otherwise benefit from these grants and was unaware of the accounting implications.” According to an Apple filing in 2002, the options under review were handed to Mr.

Jobs in October 2001, at an exercise price of .30 a share.

Steve Dowling, a spokesman for Apple, declined to comment on Jobs's conversations with Anderson.

These are now among the pieces of evidence being weighed by the Securities and Exchange Commission as it decides whether to pursue a case against the company or any individuals over the affair, according to these people.Jobs, Anderson said, told him not to worry because the board of directors had approved the maneuver.Regulators said the action allowed Apple to avoid million in expenses.Steve Jobs, chief executive of Apple Computer, was handed 7.5 million stock options in 2001 without the required authorization from the company’s board of directors, according to people familiar with the matter.Records that purported to show a full board meeting had taken place to approve Mr.

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