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Prosecutor Richard Bennett told the British publication Metro that Hunter hid his age while talking to his victims and that "as a further demonstration of the naivete and innocence of his victims, he was also able to persuade some that he was the music artist Justin Bieber." He reportedly told the young girls, posing as Bieber, that he would be their boyfriend if they stripped for him, BBC reported.

Stefano catches one girl named Denisa during a performance on her webcam.

He was later freed on ,000 bail but a judge confined him to his family home, ordered him to wear a GPS monitor, and said he could only use the home computer for schoolwork, with software to be installed that will monitor its use.

Hunter used Facebook, Skype, and MSN to communicate with the young victims, according to Sky News.

You can catch lists from my colleagues here, here, here, here, here, here and here.

Mine are below.' Scandal' - ' Everything's Coming Up Mellie' The center of "Scandal" is and always will be Olivia Pope, but for one hour this fall, Shonda Rhimes shifted focus to Mellie Grant and it was as if I was seeing the character through new eyes.

Mellie may not always be the most sympathetic, but by flashing back to the early days of the Grant marriage, » - [email protected] 1950s sitcom humor and a horrifically dated message about boys as heroes and girls as the heroes’ property. I’m “biast” (pro): love dinosaurs I’m “biast” (con): tired of movies that think they can get away with being idiotic because they’re “for kids”(what is this about?

Abrahams is alleged to have used malicious software to remotely operate webcams to capture nude photos and videos of at least seven women as they changed clothes, some of whom he knew personally and others he found by hacking Facebook pages. ” The girl then allegedly stripped during a Skype session, according to the FBI affidavit.

The FBI claim that the man then threatened the women that he would distribute the photos online unless they provided nude pictures of themselves. Gardaí said that they were not aware of the case and that if the offence was committed in another jurisdiction they would not be involved.

Picture: Reddit Source: Supplied BITCOIN is the currency for the seedy side of the internet.

Transactions are often faceless and always without a trace.

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