Broadcom backdating scandal

Kato, for example, claims that Nicholas - when not threatening to make disobedient workers "disappear" - would stay awake for four days in a row, fueled by heroin and cocaine that he then forced others to ingest.

Nicholas, who has denied all such charges, has tried to counter Kato's claims by hiring detectives to watch his every move, according to a report in the reporter James Bandler managed to catch up with all the parties involved in this dispute.

The Risk Metrics Group's Securities Litigation Watch has compiled a database of all the class action backdating lawsuits and their ultimate outcomes.

And though most people had put backdating in the backburners of their minds, it has been in the news in this very last part of the decade.

Last week, federal judge threw out a criminal backdating complaint -- and a guilty plea -- relating to backdating allegations against Broadcom executives.

(Nicholas left Broadcom in 2003.) All in all, it's been a rough few months for Nicholas.

Kato made things even worse by filing a lawsuit against Nicholas, which now seeks m for a variety of things, including compensation for work done as Nicholas' aide-cum-bodyguard and emotional distress. According to Kato's lawsuit, Nicholas used to stroll into Kato's bedroom at 3 a.m.

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