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Dating apps are making us sex addicts, claims Sexual Health Campaigner Dr. “There’s always been clubs and beats, but now the internet makes it quicker, more instant and more accessible to the broader population,” Rosevear told .“So, some people find themselves addicted to quick or anonymous sex and the internet fans that.Only 26% of Miami-Dade’s population is college educated, and Birger Scholars often look at animal behavior to understand how sex ratios impact human behavior.Since we’re dealing in fish metaphors here, let’s talk about the behavior of actual fish, specifically pond cichlids, which are “typically monogamous during the mating season.” friend, explains, when there are more males than females, female fish become choosier, but a kind of patriarchy ensues, with the males jealously guarding their females. Furthermore, there may also be municipal and/or county ordinances in your area regarding sex offenders/predators.

Glenn is charged with sex trafficking with minors, possession of child pornography and other offenses while working as a computer contractor for the U. Johannes said the defendant forced a couple of the girls to marry him in sham ceremonies conducted in Arabic but did not file any paperwork with Honduran officials — living out a “dark, secret life” with them.

“They are desperately wanting short, anonymous connection to alleviate that need to have a sense of belonging.” The increased amount of casual sex has led to a rise in STIs amongst both men and women according to , as more and more people are pursuing condom-free sex.

As sexual encounters become more frequent and immediate, people are becoming less likely to disclose their STI and HIV status.

Christopher Glenn, a South Florida computer whiz serving 10 years in prison on an espionage conviction, is back in federal court — but this time on charges of having sex with underage girls while working as a U. On Monday, at the start of his sex-trafficking trial, Glenn tested the patience of a federal judge, prosecutors and jurors when he repeatedly said he was not prepared to proceed. And so began one of the more bizarre trials in recent federal court history in Miami. During an opening statement, federal prosecutor Vanessa Singh Johannes told jurors that Glenn was a smart, shrewd man whose crime was “to take advantage of some of the world’s poorest people.” The prosecutor said Glenn recruited several Honduran village girls in their teens with enticements of money, shelter and food, then exploited them for sex — even forcing the victims to take what he called “vitamins” that caused them to “black out.” In one instance, she said, Glenn used a “long medical stick” to penetrate the private parts of a 13-year-old girl in his home in Comayagua, 50 miles northwest of the capital, Tegucigalpa.

He even demanded a Spanish interpreter to translate the proceedings, although he was born and raised in New York and spoke fluent English during his prior espionage case. “He is clearly playing games with this court and putting me in an untenable situation,” Scola declared.

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